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POPAI Winners 2016

Greenies Rotating Display for Crown Pet Foods Bronze Award in Grocery, Convenience & G.M. (Permanent) This rotating display was designed and rolled out by arken for Crown Pet Foods to support the launch of their Greenies canine dental health chews. Constructed in powder coated steel and featuring striking graphics, all fully interchangeable, the POPAI judging panel said: “The display’s ability to deliver strong brand awareness while at the same time maximising use of space is to be applauded. Both neat and robust, it also succeeds in being easy to shop and merchandise.” Intel 2-in-1 Risers for Intel Corporation UK Gold Award in Consumer Electronics and Silver in Display of the Year Intel required an in-aisle display which provided a dual purpose of being a product highlighting plinth but also provided excellent education of the benefits and features of the innovative Intel 2-in-1 tablet products. Produced with rear printed thick acrylic, illuminated with LEDs to give a quality feel and interchangeable graphics. The display also featured a closed loop power supply which was truly innovative. The POPAI judging panel said: “Stylish and modern, this display delivers impactful branding at high, eye and buy levels. Above all, it is a considered approach that had led to a solution that is highly sustainable, accommodating product updates and trend changes with ease.” Freedom Cosmetic POD in Superdrug for Medichem Gold Award in Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair & Fragrance (permanent) and Bronze Award in Sustainability Beauty brand Medichem needed a floor standing display for the launch of their Freedom range of cosmetics which would provide excellent shoppability along with being highly flexibility in store. Featuring striking updateable graphics and clever category management sections to maximise product holding with additional educational panels, the POPAI judging panel said: “This display ticks all the boxes. Good in-store visibility is combined with clear, consistent branding and a highly flexible solution that can easily be relocated to different areas of the store, and it can promote ‘coming soon’ messages to get shoppers engaged ahead of new launches.”

Freedom Pod

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