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Raspberry Pi Concept Store in Cambridge

Raspberry Pi is a small, affordable computer, enabling children to learn about programming through fun, practical projects. Used with education platform Scratch, children can create games, stories and animation.

Brand awareness was limited beyond the school network, arken were therefore tasked to develop an experiential concept that would raise its brand profile, build engagement and support product education. The concept had to engage children but also bring parents along too, enabling them to learn more about how Raspberry Pi supports children’s learning and creativity. And, ultimately, encourage purchase of the product for use at home

The retail experience had to be fun while also presenting a credible, grown-up brand to instil confidence in its products for purchasing parents. This was very much a ‘live’ experience, providing plenty of opportunity for children to ‘play’ and share their Raspberry Pi knowledge with parents. As well as a centre aisle exploration table, it features six individual ‘pods’, each demonstrating something different, giving children the chance to get hands-on. Neatly and securely stored, products are easily accessible for store teams. There’s also an Info Desk and lounge area, allowing store teams to have longer discussions about the brand and technology with parents in a relaxed, no-pressure space.

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