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Revolution Pro Display

Created for Makeup Revolution’s professional range, Revolution Pro, arken developed a new stand that combined both form and function whilst giving it the professional edge within Superdrug.

The display’s success rested on two factors. Firstly, working within the limitations of an existing in-store display system to achieve a result that would provide a fresh, new and premium edge. Secondly, solving the complexity of product configuration in a way that was easy and inspiring to shop.

The design featured a matt black finish to reflect the brand’s more elevated proposition, along with the use of gold wrap and illuminated lighting to create a look and feel that was more aligned with shopper perceptions of a premium brand and ‘professional level’ product offering.

The solution needed to be sustainable (making use, and working within the limitations of, existing in-store display carcasses) while providing a fresh, ‘newer than new’ brand experience. Revolution Pro had to be presented in a way that differentiated it from Revolution’s existing core products and this was achieved through material choices and the overall look and feel. The final design concept allowed for the display to be installed in 4ft, 6ft or 8ft configuration options, ensuring it was scalable for all Superdrug stores.

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