Intel Illuminated Riser Base

Designed for multi-market use, the success of this in-store display solution was all about how to achieve more with less – driving costs out of the outgoing design concept while losing none of its impact, and integrating clever use of smart, highly energy efficient built-in technology along the way.

Made out of 20mm acrylic, the unit utilises the latest in optical-mounted print technology to bond photo quality graphics directly to acrylic, without the need for traditional glue methods. The unit also integrates the latest daisy chain connectivity – allowing multiple units to be linked at once from only a single power source, when previously each display required a dedicated power source, (i.e. plug and socket). Small circuit board technology means the unit could power products, or vice versa.

The unit provided a single version solution for multiple international markets, plus significant benefits for both the brand and retailers thanks to its innovative daisy-chain power solution. Fully compatible for international rollout, different language versions of the units were deployed across Europe.

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