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Revolution Beauty I Heart Easter Egg CTU

Make-up brand Revolution spotted a gap in the market for a beauty alternative to chocolate Easter eggs and arken were tasked to develop and create a standout temporary FSU display to drive sales during its 2018 seasonal Easter campaign.

The objective was to create a display that drew inspiration from the distinct product shape of Revolution’s beauty eggs as well as other chocolate-themed SKUs. This FSU is a great example of a play on the actual product by using a huge egg factice all made from card.

Determined to make the most of the short window of opportunity to promote its beauty alternatives to chocolate gifting during Easter, this display was designed for regular and impulse purchases.

Creating an unmissable in-store presence, the unit helped to reinforce a sense of Easter ‘indulgence’ and included testers to stimulate impulse purchases. Close attention was also paid to ensuring strong linkage between consumer exposure to the campaign via a launch on Kruidvat social channels – used to further drive awareness – and the temporary display to prompt recognition in-store amongst shoppers.

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