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Revolution Beauty Halloween FSU

arken created a standout temporary freestanding display for beauty brand Makeup Revolution to promote its range of Halloween products in Superdrug.

This display was all about creating ‘the look’ which was achieved with bold dynamic 3D effects using a double layer of card. Additional “dress kit” variants featured cardboard shrouds and a new, tiered top shelving system to support anticipated higher sales volumes.

Revolution wanted to encourage Superdrug shoppers to get creative at Halloween and by breaking from standard display guidelines for this campaign, the brand explored new limits of creativity with their freestanding displays.

The seasonal range was promoted heavily via social media and ensured immediate recognition of the campaign which was key to achieving prompted recall, engagement and, ultimately, convert sales opportunities.

“The Skull highlighter products, linked to the display creative, were our fastest sellers, as soon as they launched and achieved high sell stocks sold out across the estate!” Jackie Davies, Senior Account Manager – Revolution Beauty.

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