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We are committed to reducing environmental impact across our entire organisation and are working alongside retailers, brands and suppliers alike to formulate strategies for tackling these issues. As a result, we are focused on making continual improvements in a number of key areas to drive on-going sustainability:

Design - Product lifespan, use of modular parts where possible, design for re-use, minimisation of material types, design for lightweight materials.

Materials and Processes - Total carbon footprint of material selected, optimise material usage, use minimal number of components, made from readily recyclable materials, made with recycled material content, ease of disassembly.

Plant and Premises - In-house vs. outsourced, efficient use of labour, minimise secondary processes, produced with low energy consumption, supply chain fit for purpose, suitable environmental policy.

Installation and Fulfilment - Outsourced parts delivery, finished goods volume, packaging fit for transportation.

A copy of our Environmental Policy is available upon request.

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