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Unilever V05 Hair Makeup Tray

Unilever needed a shelf tray to support the launch of their V05 hair glitter products.

Product demonstration was the key objective, enabling shoppers to see the new VO5 ‘glitter and shimmer’ hair cosmetics range out of box. Because of the nature of the product actual testers were not feasible - the vacuum-formed shelf-tray solution featured a series of swatch squares of real product (glitter).

Applying the product proved highly complex. A lens was applied to each square for protection. The use of gloss finishes gave the unit added depth and the shelf-tray featured a ‘waterfall’ gravity feed effect and channels for product, helping to maintain merchandising standards.

The eye-catching unit delivered a strong visible presence and helped promote the VO5 message of putting the fun back into hair styling, shoppers were able to see the ‘look’ (not just the packaging), creating the desire amongst customers to experiment and providing compelling reasons to buy.

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