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Superdrug Men’s Grooming Fixture

Designed to provide ‘stand out’ in store for the Mens Grooming products, this Category Management solution used illuminated headers to attract shoppers across the store and signpost the product categories.


To supplement this and to help selection and purchase across the heavily stocked planogram, illuminated fins were incorporated.


Woodgrain effect shelf liners and back panels finished the overall look and feel.

IMG_0389 EDIT.jpg

Flir Home Security Camera Display

To support the launch of the FLIR range of home-security cameras into Maplin stores, arken was tasked with designing a display that would stand out, educate shoppers and demonstrate the products live in store.


The display needed to grab shoppers’ attention and let people interact with the products, keeping them interested for long enough to demonstrate the USPs.

LED lights drew the consumer to the display and logos etched into the back panel subtly reinforced the branding. The display worked to educate shoppers on the key features and benefits, supported by a large magnetic back panel with emotive lifestyle imagery along with a screen which played a looping video giving further information. This was interrupted when sensors detected shoppers close to the display, when the screen split to display live footage of the person standing in front of it, as captured by each of the cameras.

This proved an effective way to highlight the difference in quality of each of the cameras with a view to encouraging upsell.


The display was designed to be future proof, allowing for future launches and new graphic content. The use of simple shelf covers with screen-printed logos also worked to secure FLIR’s shelf space in store across two branded bays.

The display achieved a premium look and feel while being incredibly cost effective and simple to install.

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