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Flir Home Security Camera Display

An interactive category display for the  launch of the FLIR range of home-security cameras 

Lorex Home Security Display_18.jpg

The Challenge:

arken was tasked with designing a display that would stand out, educate shoppers and demonstrate the products live in store.

Our Solution:

The display needed to grab shoppers’ attention and let people interact with the products, keeping them interested for long enough to demonstrate the USPs.

LED lights drew the consumer to the display and logos etched into the back panel subtly reinforced the branding. The display worked to educate shoppers on the key features and benefits, supported by a large magnetic back panel with emotive lifestyle imagery along with a screen which played a looping video giving further information. This was interrupted when sensors detected shoppers close to the display, when the screen split to display live footage of the person standing in front of it, as captured by each of the cameras.

This proved an effective way to highlight the difference in quality of each of the cameras with a view to encouraging upsell.
The display was designed to be future proof, allowing for future launches and new graphic content. The use of simple shelf covers with screen-printed logos also worked to secure FLIR’s shelf space in store across two branded bays​.


The display achieved a premium look and feel while being incredibly cost effective and simple to install.


Revolution in Boots

Revolution Beauty Launches into Boots Stores Nationwide!

Revolution Beauty Launch Into Boots  Full Stand.jpg
Asset 68 (2)_4x.png

Winner of Gold in
"Cosmetics & Beauty - Permanent Display"!

Boots buying Manager Testimonial- " The Revolution stand is a new concept which allows for rapid product turnover ensuring we are always at the forefront of trends and able to land amazing NPD for customers quickly. Customers are drawn to the different layout and open shelving, which makes the display bright and engaging.  Category management and navigation tools facilitate shopping and restocking. The display adds a refreshing change to our normal fixtures and works extremely well for the brand and the customer.”Assistant Customer and Category Manager - Self Selection Cosmetics

The Challenge:

Provide an in-store Brand destination to effectively launch the brand and continue to drive sales, whilst delivering on all key stakeholder objectives. 

Our Solution:

Instead of using the standard fixture and adhering to the basic guidelines we pushed the boundaries and designed a completely new bespoke cosmetics display that could sit on top of the current Boots fixtures. This meant Revolution could keep their global brand identity and stand out from the other Brands in-store. The new fixture meant we didn’t need to stick to the fixed shelf position, and we could instead have our own busbar and add multiple shelves maximising the stock on stand. The display is space efficient and the merchandising system we used to display the products was a sustainable  divider system which negated the need for any additional materials. The stand itself was designed cleverly to plug into the existing furniture meaning there was little disruption to the retailer so the installation could be carried out seamlessly as part of the wider program.

Materials were significantly reduced through our design and development, we reduced plastic usage by 20%, moving away from the rigid tile system, the display features a unique QR code for display end of life to further meet sustainability objectives. 

"Expansion into Boots is monumental, we have created our own unique display on standard fixture that conveys brand identity.
Our fixture maximises on all deliverables, space, theatre, product count and sustainability. It has been so successful we have been asked to supply more stands. "

Global Head of VM Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty Launch Into Boots Product Locators.jpg
Revolution Beauty Launch Into Boots Product Fins.jpg

Voost Vitamin Haus

A dedicated full shelf fixture for the Australian Wellbeing Brand Voost

Asset 70_4x.png

Winner of Silver in
"Pharmacy & Wellbeing"!

The Challenge:

To provide a clear and easily locate Voost destination in Superdrug vitamin aisle, ensuring both brand and product credibility and efficacy were communicated effectively. 

Our Solution:

With the growth of the health and wellness category in recent years we knew we wanted to create an informative educational Brand destination in-store for our client, helping to revitalise the vitamin aisle in Superdrug stores!

The Illuminated logo and display branded fins ensure a locatable destination for the brand in-store and provided synergy with the beauty and skincare aisles which was essential as Voost product capabilities straddle, skincare, beauty, wellbeing and health. 
The display design had to elevate the Brand experience, educating the customer in product capabilities, and driving credible messaging. The design also had to align with the brands online and digital communication, unifying the brand experience. 


The display is impactful, agile and easily updateable, featuring educational Brand Graphic panels, Branded Fins to facilitate product location, Tray Liners to reinforce the product category management colour coding, display podiums colour matched to category management and a branded baseplate. 

"The team delivered exactly what we needed and created a VOOST destination in-store, the display embodies our invigorating brand identity whilst maintaining our credible voice in the sector. The flexible display ensures simple affordable updates for new product launches and emerging wellbeing trends."
 Marketing and Business Development - Voost 

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