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Makeup Revolution 'Shop In Shop' UK Rollout

Revolution Shop in Shop


In Autumn 2017, Beauty brand Revolution introduced its first Fast Beauty shop in shop into Superdrug stores at Liverpool One, Edinburgh and London Marble Arch. These Shop In Shop's have now been rolled out globally with regular updates. Photographed above is our latest update from Q4 2020.

These stunning stand-alone areas include Island units and wall bays with finishes which perfectly compliment the black and rose gold brand colours.  Illuminated graphics and bold brand headers further add to the awe-inspiring overall appearance of this truly unique display which attracted masses of interest both on each of the launches and since.

Illuminated graphics and bold brand headers further add to the awe-inspiring overall appearance.

Following this first Superdrug store launch there will be further Makeup Revolution SIS’s opening throughout the UK in the coming months, further cementing the relationship between Superdrug and Makeup Revolution which goes from strength to strength.


Everyone at Superdrug and TAM have been very vocal in their love of the new stands – as can be seen in their Instagram feeds!

Logitech Jaybird Shop in Shop

Logitech wanted to launch a shop in shop space to coincide with the launch of Jaybird, a premium brand of in-ear wireless headphones which are designed for athletes, runners, and fitness fanatics. The marketing objectives were to promote the new Jaybird brand and entice and intrigue passing target shoppers to find out more about the product and associated ranges.

The design needed to convey the youthful, urban ‘always on the go’ energy, providing an accessible and engaging in-store showpiece. Shopper interaction was vital and therefore the Shop in Shop needed to create an accessible, engaging space that would encourage shoppers to stop, look and try the products for themselves.


Central to the design concept was an illuminated interactive demo ‘play table’. Designed to act as a focal point for shopper interaction with products along with two highly impactful brand walls, which streamed moving imagery of the products being used along with music.

Overall, the various modular elements enabled the concept to be flexible and scalable allowing for it to be adapted to the size of other retail spaces, giving scalability for other potential installations.

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