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Superdrug Skincare Carcass

New Skincare Category in Superdrug stores.


Winner of Gold in display of the year and in category!

Superdrug planned to uplift their skincare category in line with the successful cosmetics upgrade in store and the objective was to create a premium looking destination area where more exclusive brands could be displayed effectively. 

The skincare range was previously displayed on shelf racking around the store perimeter but it would now be moved onto mid-store custom designed carcasses to enhance the skincare brands and make the category look much more exclusive, encouraging shopper engagement.

The area needed to encourage cross selling by actively promoting a ‘step routine’ skincare regime approach, tempting customers to trade up and buy connected products. The messaging therefore needed to clearly communicate this throughout the display area. 

Sales uplift reached double figures within the first few weeks.

The displays needed to provide areas for promotional opportunities and therefore specific ‘hotspots’ featured throughout the display with the new ‘step routine’ messaging and these were easily updateable.  Alongside there were areas for highlighting specific associated products, giving the shopper an exciting and easy-to-understand journey throughout the whole category.

The display design incorporated custom built Melamine faced MDF carcasses which housed the various skincare brand areas in a modular fashion, allowing for interchangeability and flexibility.

It was very important that the various brand colours were used effectively – unlike cosmetics, skincare customers tend to be more brand-loyal and therefore this needed to be considered throughout the design and it needed to actively encourage brand recognition through careful messaging,  whist encouraging upselling at the same time. 

There was a local press and social media campaign which Superdrug ran around the time of the instore launch.

Sales uplift reached double figures within the first few weeks and the new Skincare category is expanding into a further 150 stores.

Superdrug Cosmetic Carcass

Superdrug was looking to open a Flagship store in Cardiff to trial a new Beauty Store concept. arken as tasked to submit designs which clearly categorised products into “Cosmetics”, “Hair and Skin Care” and “Fragrance” zones.


The designs featured the 3 zones clearly defined, using high gloss laminated MDF, LED lighting, colour-coordinated category management solutions in HIPS and vacuum formed shelf cladding plus toughened glass cabinets and lazer-cut lettering in brushed stainless steel.  The design also featured a series of ‘pods’ which could be easily changed and therefore flexible enough to accommodate the 21 different brands.


The Make Up category sales in the first week of opening was 66% up on previous projections and was so successful that 2 further stores were opened and the concept eventually was rolled out UK wide.


Benefit Carnaby St.

Short Run Permanent Display

The design provided a fixed focal point display solution for the beauty brand to dress with additional props, lighting and graphic solutions. With customers often making many repeat visits to the stands, it is important for Benefit to be able to continually reinvent the space to deliver and celebrate newness in a way that’s easily adaptable, cost effective and sustainable– supporting multiple product launches throughout the year. In addition to providing a plinth fixture to hero SKUs or supporting props, the unit offers a built-in storage solution for stockholding. The display could easily be updated by simply redressing the themed cladding providing a sustainable updatable approach to in store theatre, to delight customers whilst informing them of new product launches and promotional campaigns. At end of life all cladding can be recycled, and props and lighting were used for other projects such as Benefit press events and other fixture in store.  Our client couldn’t share SKU sales, but they have shared that new product launches, from this display generated +35% to +45% more sales than other display solutions.


Revolution Island Display

Revolution is a new cosmetic brand aimed at the teen market, they are all about bringing new products to market, and fast, to meet its shoppers’ demands.


 Featuring two end caps, the island display has been specifically designed to fit into secondary locations instore, proving an excellent ambassador for the full Revolution Shop-in-Shop concept.  There was close collaboration with the brand and the retailer to make sure the display would fit seamlessly into Superdrug’s retail environment.


Revolution loved the idea, and pitched the concept to Superdrug, focusing not just on the aesthetics of the display but the commercial aspects in terms of anticipated sales increases.   The project has proven to be a pivotal moment for the brand, demonstrating a bold statement of intent for it's plans across the UK, with the solution ultimately laying down the template for what its future standard fixtures will look like.

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