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Superdrug Cosmetics Rebalance

Responsible Approach Uplifts and Redesigns Superdrug's Cosmetics Aisle. 

Asset 70_4x.png

Winner of Silver in
"Sustainability - Permanent Display"!

The Challenge:

The exciting challenge of this project was to update the Cosmetics aisle in Superdrug stores in a responsible way, ensuring both Superdrug and our sustainability objectives were met. 

Our Solution:

Our approach uplifted and redesigned the Cosmetics Aisle. A retrofit header system up-cycled existing carcasses in store and we successfully reduced metal usage by 74%, decreasing overall weight by 34% for any new carcasses required. 
Our Design focused on sustainability, minimising waste and facilitating recycling. Easy dismantling of new carcasses considered end-of-life and QR code enables recycling at display end-of-life.

“We were impressed with this solution for updating our cosmetics aisle without removing all existing display.
A feasible, sustainable project that aligned with our sustainability mission, whilst continuing to provide an exciting inviting retail environment for customers.”  


Superdrug Skincare Carcass

New Skincare Category in Superdrug stores.

Asset 68 (2)_4x.png
Asset 68 (2)_4x.png

Winner of Gold in
"Category Management & Furniture"
& "Display of the Year - Permanent Display"!

The Challenge:

Superdrug planned to uplift their skincare category in line with the successful cosmetics upgrade in store and the objective was to create a premium looking destination area where more exclusive brands could be displayed effectively.

The skincare range was previously displayed on shelf racking around the store perimeter but it would now be moved onto mid-store custom designed carcasses to enhance the skincare brands and make the category look much more exclusive, encouraging shopper engagement.
The area needed to encourage cross selling by actively promoting a ‘step routine’ skincare regime approach, tempting customers to trade up and buy connected products. The messaging therefore needed to clearly communicate this throughout the display area. 

Our Solution:

The displays needed to provide areas for promotional opportunities and therefore specific ‘hotspots’ featured throughout the display with the new ‘step routine’ messaging and these were easily updateable. Alongside there were areas for highlighting specific associated products, giving the shopper an exciting and easy-to-understand journey throughout the whole category.

The display design incorporated custom built Melamine faced MDF carcasses which housed the various skincare brand areas in a modular fashion, allowing for interchangeability and flexibility.

It was very important that the various brand colours were used effectively – unlike cosmetics, skincare customers tend to be more brand-loyal and therefore this needed to be considered throughout the design and it needed to actively encourage brand recognition through careful messaging, whist encouraging upselling at the same time. 

There was a local press and social media campaign which Superdrug ran around the time of the instore launch.

Sales uplift reached double figures within the first few weeks!

L'Oréal Skincare Showcase

Dynamic Display Drives Customer Engagement & Education.

Asset 70_4x.png
Asset 68 (2)_4x.png

Winner of Gold in
"Pharmacy & Wellbeing"
& Winner of Silver in 
"Display of the Year - Permanent Display"!

The Challenge:

The display design had to engage the expert, “Skintellectual”, Concern Driven and Value Driven customer types in the skincare aisle, incorporating diagnostic, demonstrative and educational content whilst providing an easy to shop environment with clear informative POS to differentiate between the product capabilities for skincare concerns, aiding diagnostics in a mass market retail environment. 

The Solution:

The display engages customers with modular design and digital screens. It educates through QR codes and highlights expert formulations, driving trial and engagement in Superdrug's skincare aisle. The display caters to different customer types, allowing easy updates and showcasing relevant products. Physical testers and digital content facilitate customer trials and experiences. Graphic panels convey product capabilities and value, reinforcing the brand's expertise. The fixture ensures easy product discovery and can accommodate future launches.

“This unit has been a real success story for us and the retailer. 
The unit clearly communicates our product and Brand expertise, really driving sales of our solution focused products. “
Senior Visual Merchandising Manager - L’Oréal Paris

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