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Raspberry Pi - Cambridge Flagship Store

Store design for Rasperry Pi's first bricks & mortar store in the world.


Raspberry Pi is a small, affordable computer, enabling children to learn about programming through fun, practical projects. Used with education platform Scratch, children can create games, stories and animation.

Brand awareness was limited beyond the school network, arken were therefore tasked to develop an experiential concept that would raise its brand profile, build engagement and support product education. The concept had to engage children but also bring parents along too, enabling them to learn more about how Raspberry Pi supports children’s learning and creativity. And, ultimately, encourage purchase of the product for use at home

The retail experience had to be fun while also presenting a credible, grown-up brand to instil confidence in its products for purchasing parents. This was very much a ‘live’ experience, providing plenty of opportunity for children to ‘play’ and share their Raspberry Pi knowledge with parents. As well as a centre aisle exploration table, it features six individual ‘pods’, each demonstrating something different, giving children the chance to get hands-on. Neatly and securely stored, products are easily accessible for store teams. There’s also an Info Desk and lounge area, allowing store teams to have longer discussions about the brand and technology with parents in a relaxed, no-pressure space.


The Perfume Shop - Bluewater Store Design

Redesign of The Perfume Shop store Bluewater.

Providing customers with an improved shopping experience and enabling them to have more freedom.

The Perfume Shop required a new look for its retail outlets that supported their new ‘open sell’ strategy , the purpose of which was to make products more accessible, providing customers with an improved shopping experience and enabling them to have more freedom to browse the perfume product ranges in store.


The store design featured three illuminated modular island displays with interchangeable headers and graphics, wooden base drawers and adjustable glass shelves.   One of the till points featured an iPad to allow shoppers to explore the retailer’s full range and its click and collect service.  An ‘expert testing table’ provided promotional space for individual fragrance brands.


Around the perimeter of the store, glass open shelving with LED illumination and clearly defined brand headers allow customers to easily select their chosen products.  Coloured section dividers with chrome tester sub-shelves gave fantastic accessibility to out of box products for customers to test themselves and clear signage throughout the store provided clear differentiation between perfume categories.

The new store concept had to be scalable as ultimately this new ‘open sell’ strategy would be implemented to further stores and therefore this had to be taken into consideration too when designing the solutions.

The ‘open sell’ store concept has been a great success and since Bluewater launched has been rolled out to the Perfume Shop’s store portfolio.

Dove Spa - Store Design

arken was challenged to re-design Dove Spa’s Flagship Store, ensuring it communicated the essence of the brand.


The new look store design embraced the uplifting spirit and engaging personality of the Dove brand, heavily focused on white but injecting more warmth and personality through the designs.


All elements including merchandising, range assortment, signage and retail theatre, window displays, lighting, in-room displays and sampling were re-designed along with the Skin Diagnostic and beauticians waiting area.

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