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Benefit Carnaby A-Wall

A sustainable updateable display frame, updated to deliver maximum impact in store. 

Benefit Cosmetics Carnaby Street Magnet Mascara-min.jpg
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Winner of Gold in
"Short Run - Temporary Display"
& Winner of Silver in

The Challenge:

To provide an ever evolving cleverly designed updatable display structure, designed for reuse over infinite promotions/product launches, simply through re-cladding the permanent structure. Ensuring a sustainable, cost effective temporary display that is theatrical and engaging to showcase new product launches and delight customers. 

Our Solution:

Every 6 to 8 weeks the main structure of the display is reclad with temporary display to promote new product launches or with promotional display. Our metal fixture provides the perfect stage for maximum theatre in-store. This approach to promotional display allows for incredibly quick to market display solutions allowing the brand to be reactive and responsive to trends. ​

Alongside speed to market this display format facilitates maximum impact in-store, the cladding is designed with theatre in mind including giant product factices, additional props, lighting and graphic solutions all resonating and delighting the Benefit customer.  ​

To meet the sustainability objectives of Benefit cosmetics and our own internal initiatives the design is always 100% recyclable, it is also fitted with an innovative end of life QR code (not visible to the customer) this provides essential information to store staff on the breakdown of the temporary cladding to ensure the display elements are recycled correctly.  This technology also allows for communication on the reuse of elements for the next campaign to ensure that display usage is optimised in line with “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”. ​

  “The brief was to showcase the product being launched globally using sustainable materials, while offering customers an informational touchpoint and reflecting our brand ethos of fun and unexpected drama including electrical lighting touchpoints within the design. Creative routes were presented and explored before the multifaceted, explosively captivating execution was chosen”.
Head Of Design and Visual Merchandising - Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Carnaby Street-min.jpg
Benefit Cosmetics Carnaby Street Hello Happy.jpg

Revolution Beauty Halloween Takeover

A store takeover for the Revolution Beauty Halloween Get the Look Campaign 

Revolution Beauty Halloween wall.jpg
Asset 69 (2)_4x.png
Asset 70_4x.png

Winner of Silver & Bronze in
"Shopper Marketing Campaign"!

The Challenge:

Revolution were launching a new iconic Halloween range through Superdrug and online.
arken were asked to partner with them on creating a show stopping unit to promote the range in store. 

Our Solution:

Trend led Revolution Beauty goes big with their Halloween product launches - what better way to launch Halloween products than a takeover in Superdrug stores that mirrors product packaging and the brands online and influencer campaigns. This project included 3 different sized ghoulishly great FSDUs with 3 product load ups and Halloween cladding for their Shop in Shop displays all to create Halloween excitement in store. With a cohesive approach to marketing across all platforms, the in-store experience mirrored packaging with a call to action and recognition for customers who had experienced the products in video/social content. We created a campaign centred around the product packaging and the brand Halloween “Get the Look”. The imagery created a theatrical shopping experience to discover the exclusive Halloween products whether in-store, online, via social media and all design mirrored in the products themselves. The instore execution covered the whole of the UK throughout the 800 store Superdrug estate and even spanned to international stores. The experience was consistent across all platforms as we took inspiration from the product design and packaging meaning that the brand Halloween product was recognisable across any platforms and around the globe. 

  “Halloween is a crucial trading period for us and our customers. Our customers start researching their looks in the summer! This cross-channel campaign provided a unified, recognisable and impactful customer experience across all customer touchpoints”Retail Marketing Director - Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty Halloween.jpg

Benefit Mascara FSDU

A Freestanding Display Unit to promote the launch of Benefit Cosmetics innovative magnet mascara in

multiple retailers. 

Benefit Cosmetics Magnet FSDU Store Display.jpg

The Challenge:

Produce an eye-catching theatrical free-standing display unit  for the launch of Benefit cosmetics brand new “Magnet” Mascara Launch

(the mascara is a mineral rich formula with a magnetised wand to ensure the longest lashes), for key retailers nationwide.

Our Solution:

The design of the FSDU aligned with the campaign experience across other retail touch points both online and offline. Benefit Cosmetics are world renowned for their innovation in the mascara category, our design team took inspiration from both the product capabilities and packaging design to ensure a memorable and exciting customer experience in the path to purchase. 

Playing on the promotional theme of the Mascara, “so powerful and magnetised that it erupts from the earth’s magnetic core” our design showed aa mascara being drawn out of the earth (vac form base) by a giant magnet. We provided a solution that delivered maximum impact as well as being a superb platform to showcase the new product launch. The lightweight but robust design also resulted in a quick and easy installation at store level ensuring 100% compliance across all retailers.

Our design and production teams achieved a show stopping design well within budget through a clever approach to initial design, material selection and production methods. We designed and manufactured the entire mascara instore launch campaign and applied a holistic approach to all the projects to ensure an efficient and sustainable use of materials and production methods across the multiple formats maximising cost efficiencies. The impactful design consisted of a giant product factice, this theatrical element was achieved through a considered selection of materials that ensured the FSDU was cost effective, fit for purpose and 100% recyclable, to ensure that the display met the brand’s and our sustainability objectives. 

  “Many complicated, equally important and sometimes contradictory elements were expertly blended to create this temporary promotional unit which feels anything but!
Cost engineering, design complexity, premium finish and need for product to take centre stage. The end result: a truly market leading example achieved within a very short lead time”

Head Of Design and Visual Merchandising - Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit Cosmetics Magnet FSDU Close Up-min.jpg
Benefit Cosmetics Magnet FSDU Close Up 2-min.jpg
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