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Benefit Window Display


Our creative team wanted to convey the fun and playful energy that the Benefit brand is synonymous with, we developed a design that not only disrupted but also delighted customers on Oxford Street by creating an impactful window display. Our design team created a fun and vibrant party atmosphere in the window whilst using numerous examples of model imagery to show the practical application of the product. We successfully provided a delightful window display that united online and In Real Life experience of the product launch for the customer. As the display was modular the various components of the window display could be reused in store in the benefit shop in shop and at events providing an innovative sustainable approach for the window display category. Feedback from John Lewis was that this was a fabulous and fun approach to window dressing in their store. It showcased the launch in John Lewis and drove awareness and footfall to the Benefit shop in shop in store.

Holler and Glow Temporary Display


The Holler and Glow products are targeted at the GenZ/Millennial consumer with their fun empowering and most importantly, instagramable packaging.  What a better way to target this customer in Superdrug stores than with a ‘shelfie’ inspired FSDU complete with bathroom tiles and a steamed-up mirror. Our creative and development teams came up with a display solution that not only replicated the ‘in bathroom’ experience but a structural solution that could house the varying bath and body product types such as masks and bath bombs. Inspired by stores such as Lush, this unit allowed for the easy and free shopping of the multipurpose indulgent bathing products whilst providing clear brand messaging and a relevant in store experience for the targeted customer, mirroring the online experience of Holler and Glow. 

Revolution Makeup Halloween Card display

Revolution was launching a new iconic Halloween range through Superdrug and online.


arken was asked to partner with them on creating a show stopping unit to promote the range in store.


Using stunning graphics which set the spooky scene, the initial concept was so well received arken was asked to adapt the design to fit a wider range of stores and also to clad the new shop in shop fixtures.


I Heart Makeup Xmas Display

I Heart Make-up Temporary Freestanding Display Unit for Dutch retailer Kruidvat


The construction was robust and allowed for continued use when the promotion was extended by 4 weeks.

I Heart Make-up was making its first-ever move into stand-alone temporary P-O-P in Holland and this display was designed exclusively for the Dutch market to prompt recognition in store as exposure to the brand in Holland had previously only been online.


The displays were for retailer Kruidvat – an equivalent to Wilko in the UK. The display creative included the use of chocolate prints on a 3D base, linking directly to the brand’s chocolate-themed products.

This display is a classic example of how a hardworking piece of P-O-P can really deliver the goods. With no further marketing campaign to support the brand in the Dutch market, its success was entirely driven by the temporary display.  The display was a great example of a good retail display that works the space diligently, delivering big and impressive sales in a non-primary retailer for the brand, and in a secondary location instore. A huge achievement.


The temporary display was so successful that it directly led to the brand owner securing a total of 700 full metre bay permanent locations in stores across Holland.


Jo Woodhouse, Retail Marketing Director at Revolution Beauty commented:

“The display design created real stand out in store and our customers really engaged with its fun aesthetics.  The construction was robust and allowed for continued use when the promotion was extended by 4 weeks – a great success overall!”

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