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Empire Cinema Wall

Illuminated Slimlite Poster Display boxes deliver stand out in the cinema foyer 

Empire Cinemas 2.jpg

The Challenge:

Empire Cinemas wanted to enhance its movie-going experience even further by introducing illuminated displays to advertise upcoming films, along with some nostalgic film images to create a focal point in their foyer.

Our Solution:

This collection of Slimlite boxes was designed to capture the eye of cinema-goers, who share Empire Cinema’s love of film.​
We have worked with Empire Cinemas for a number of years and created the unique one-sheet Slimlite lightbox installation, using a combination of customised aluminium carcasses, with back lit LED illumination and their front opening Ultragrip profile for interchangeability of titles.​


The lightboxes in the cinema lobby, created a focal point display of both original film posters of cinema classics including Pulp Fiction and Close Encounters, alongside those promoting the latest theatrical releases.​
Aside from the iconic poster displays, they also provided the opportunity to showcase what’s coming next to the cinema in a way

that stands out. ​

“A nostalgic movie poster wall designed and developed to deliver maximum impact in the entrance to  Empire Cinemas. The wall consists of  multiple light-frames, cleverly positioned to follow the curvature of the wall. “


Global Media London Underground Trackside Display

A large format poster solution for the trackside walls of the London Underground Network. 

Global Media London Undergrounfd Trackside Signage-min.jpg
Asset 70_4x.png
Asset 68 (2)_4x.png

Winner of Gold in
"Retail Services & Signage"
& Winner of Silver in
"Display of the Year - Permanent Display"!

The Challenge:

To design, develop and manufacture a large format modular solution to hold printed media on the trackside of the London Underground. ​
The solution had to work with the varying dimensions of the London Underground tunnels, that date back 160 years, and had to be suitable for varying substrates whilst complying with the stringent network safety regulations.

Our Solution:

Our solution lay in the collaborative approach between our creative design team and our Engineering/Development teams, along with the London Underground. This was essential on such a technical project to ensure the strict safety regulations are met, whilst not compromising the premium appearance. The blue-sky approach of all teams resulted in a modular solution that could cover the whole cross trackside wall of a tube station and provided a premium look and feel. The Media Wall can accommodate printed dry posted media or act as a canvas for digital projection and can be utilised in any tunnel regardless of substrates or dimensions. Accommodating the variations in dimensions of these Victorian built tunnels was critical to the project’s success and crucial to both passenger and staff safety and it was essential that tunnel measurements were 100% accurate. We used “Bogeys” (robotic laser scanners that scan the whole tunnel) to travel along the track to measure the curvature of the tunnel and to report any inconsistencies in surface structure. This data was then translated by our Development and Engineering teams who produced a Bespoke Media Wall solution for every platform tunnel in the station.

Global Media London Undergrounfd Trackside Signage 3-min.jpg
Global Media London Undergrounfd Trackside Signage 2.jpg
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