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Maesa 'Flower by Drew'

Permanent Display


We wanted the unit to look different to the other brands in-store, so we utilised a unique mix of materials and colours to really made it pop - i.e the rose gold layered logo. We pushed the boundaries and designed a full 360 unit taller than usual with a hero promotional area. The unit was designed to be functional and highly flexible, providing 3 sides of stock fill and easy shopability to customers, with one full side designated to branding for maximum in store presence. The design increased the store stock fill by 273% providing space to launch new products and increasing brand presence and awareness. The design tied in with product design and online branding - utilising rose gold and white colourways, a clear brand logo and images of Drew Barrymore herself, to ensure the brand experience in store resonated with her fans and followers. 

A freestanding rotating display to support the UK launch of Greenies dental health chews in pet retail outlets.

Greenies Display Stand


The display was designed as part of a ‘family’ of POP units to support the UK launch of Greenies dental health dog chew range across a broad sector of pet retail outlets.

It was imperative that the unit was robust but also created an impactful display and included educational graphics about the product and informed shoppers about canine dental health in general and the USPs of this new product range.

The display featured pictorial branding, including the distinctive Greenies logo and large impactful panels with educational messaging.  These were fully interchangeable and therefore future-proofed for changes during the unit’s lifespan in store.

"arken triumphantly delivered the impactful look we needed to achieve."

Many pet retailers have limited space and therefore the unit size needed to be compact but still be able to house the full range of Greenies products.  The product range was housed on the unit with hang-sell on euro hooks and also boxed product on shelves.  The unit also included a covered base which had a dual purpose of both providing an area for additional graphic panels but also hid a clever storage section which store staff could easily access by simply sliding the graphic panels up on metal channels.

The display achieved its objective of being highly visible in store and standing out in the busy pet store environment by using the Greenies prominent green colour and striking colourful graphics which drew the shopper’s eye.

The client was delighted with the result and said:  “arken triumphantly delivered the impactful look we needed to achieve alongside fulfilling the practical objectives of being easy to shop and holding a full complement of the Greenies product range.”

Freedom POD Unit

To support the launch of new makeup brand 'Freedom' a freestanding display was needed to fit within a limited space in Superdrug stores. 


It was essential that the display could hold as much stock as possible to ensure sales turnover potential was maximised but it was also imperative that the aesthetics complemented the professional makeup artistry of the brand, through use of stunning graphics and colours, ensuring that it created maximum stand-out in store.

The design also incorporated space saving stock drawers on each side which helped store staff to restock quickly and efficiently.

The displays were installed with a holding graphic which incorporated a countdown message to create hype and excitement in store and get the customers engaged with the brand at the earliest opportunity.

The display was a resounding success and subsequently the same unit was launched for another of the client's brands in Superdrug stores, allowing for dual siting. 

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