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Sanctuary Spa

A one of a kind Sanctuary Spa island display, bringing a premium luxurious Spa environment to

Superdrug Rushden Lakes. 

Sanctuary Spa Superdrug Rushden lakes.jpg
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Winner of Bronze in
"Short Run - Permanent Display"!

The Challenge:

We were tasked with designing and manufacturing a Shop in Shop retail display for a flagship Superdrug store, the display had to house the full Sanctuary Spa range whilst allowing for brand immersion and creating a moment of indulgent luxury. The Shop in Shop need to be adaptable by store teams to market key trading periods for the Brand. 

Our Solution:

This was the first opportunity and unit of its kind for the Sanctuary Brand within Superdrug. The design and execution in-store are not only Premium, but also Cost Effective and Space Efficient. The unit can be updated and re-dressed for different campaigns from Mother’s Day through to Christmas. Feedback from store staff and customers has been exceptional with a significant jump in sales from the island display.
We designed a unit for the brand that really brought to life the “at home spa luxury” for the customer. With the addition of the lighting and the artificial flowers, we created a tabletop area on the unit that allowed us to showcase the hero products whilst ensuring the core range was easily shoppable and replenishable for the store staff and customers. We wanted to create a design that could be adapted in store and re-dressed for different events throughout the year. The base design has orange flowers; however the floral arrangement can easily be changed to allow for Holly at Christmas for example, or re-dressed with roses at Valentine’s day. The flexibility within the stand allows for easy merchandising by store staff but allows the top section to have the creative flair needed to keep it fresh and engaging.

"The team took the essence of the brand into the build. The design excellence of bringing our brand to life was world class creating adaptable theatre to be changed seasonally. They seamlessly created our most premium build we have in our retail environment."
Global Senior Brand Manager - Sanctuary Spa

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Urban Decay

A cost-effective impactful free standing Display Unit to delight and inform the Urban Decay customer in stores without brand ambassadors. 

L'oreal urban decay in Boots.jpg
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Asset 68 (2)_4x.png

Winner of Gold in
"Cosmetics & Beauty - Permanent Display"
& Winner of Bronze in
"Display of the Year - Permanent Display"!

The Challenge:

Urban Decay Cosmetics needed a Free-Standing Display Unit (FSDU) for stores that could not facilitate staffed counters, the display needed to provide information to educate the customer on the product usage, capabilities and efficacy, the role usually filled by Urban Decay staff. 

Our Solution:

We created a sustainable design that attracts customer attention and is clearly and recognisably Urban Decay through clever use of branding and product display.  

The inclusion of a factice of the All Nighter Setting Spray, provides a showcase for one of the brands best-selling products, whilst drawing the customer in and providing a theatrical element to the display. 

Due to the absence of a staff member we had to ensure product communication was clear and that the ticket strips could direct the customer to further information if required. 

Clear segmentation and impactful graphics, ensures the customer clearly knows what they are shopping and able to refer to the accompanying graphic for further product information. 

Branding is clear and impactful, and provided a premium look and feel, the use of the logo on the header, base and large brand graphic (taking up one of the side panels) created a clear destination for customers in-store. It was key that the unit was designed with sustainability at the forefront of all design and manufacturing considerations and that none of the unit elements should end up in landfill. All elements included in the manufacturing can go through a recycling process at end of life. The clever design that lends itself to modular updates that can be sent in the post also means the unit will be in stores for a lengthy period. 

“It was great working with our supplier first-hand on a new design, taking ownership from initial concept shared to redesign, engineer for sustainability and ease of updating with minimal waste. This unit was manufactured in bulk with regular updates of the progress along the journey from development to in store delivery;”
Retail Design Manager - Urban Decay

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