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Intel Evo

A cleverly designed cost-effective modular solution for intel, provides a display for varying retail environments across all product categories. 

Intel Evo Full Display-min.jpg
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Winner of Gold in
"Consumer Electronics"!

The Challenge:

Provide a modular solution suitable for different intel products, and suitable for varying retail environments. 

Our Solution:

The modular intel display facilitates different spaces/products that are available across the various retail chains. The product USP’s are conveyed either digitally or in static graphics, depending on the display modules used. A smaller “Digital Totem” is also available where space is of a premium and live product cannot be displayed. The same components can be produced in a different finish for use in specialist Gaming Zones. 

By using the same components for either Work, Home or Gaming categories, cost and sustainability objectives were overachieved. The displays are finished in a different aesthetic look depending on the category, the digital or graphic message is also adapted accordingly. 

“We were absolutely delighted with the flexibility that this design gave us across a vast ranging retail network. The design looked great, was very cost effective in several categories and the QR code is brilliant. We achieved 100% compliance with our target retailers.”EMEA Retail Merch and In-store Strategy Lead - Intel 

Intel Evo Digital Display-min.jpg

Logitech - Harmony Display

An interactive end-cap solution for the Harmony Smart home remote. 

Logitech Harmony Display Main Image.jpg
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Winner of Bronze in
"Consumer Electronics"!

The Challenge:

Logitech needed  an interactive end cap solution for their Harmony Smart Home remotes which needed to explore new ways to communicate their benefits to the customer.​

The technology was very new and the client wanted to remove the complexity around the product features and show people the value it could add to family life without downplaying how advanced the technology was.  ​

Our Solution:

The display featured screens running content and interactive software, while circuit-board technology allowed the unit to be fully interactive, all linked together via an iPhone app.​This gave the customer a full in-house experience in store, so they understood the elements they could control and the functions they could set up.


The unit was designed to have maximum stand out in store with an immediate link to the home and smart home technology in particular. The illuminated house shape was an integral part of the design and immediately indicated that the product was for home use.​

Clever use of iconography guided consumers, making the technology simple and intuitive - vital as this ensured that the unit was universally understood, avoiding the need for costly adaptions for each market.​

The display removed the complexity around the ever-growing smart home experience and was successful in expanding Logitech’s target audience, showing clearly how their product could add value to the consumers’ lives.​

Logitech Harmony Display 3.jpg
Logitech Harmony Display 2.jpg
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