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Benefit Magnet Lash

A chargable illuminated Counter Top Unit that converts into 2 displays! 

Benefit CTU Boots Sedley Place-min.jpg

The Challenge:

We designed an on-counter display unit to launch Benefit Cosmetics new Mascara – ‘Magnet They’re Real!’.
The unit had to be eye-catching to stop shoppers in their tracks for the mascara launch. The display also had to tie in with the

multi-channel launch.

Our Solution:

We took inspiration from the USP of the mascara focusing on the magnetically charged formula and wand.
The Infinity Mirror was used to illustrate the infinite results created by the new scientific Mascara, with the product stood on a magnetic force bolt which perfectly coincided with Benefit branding.


We were met with the challenge that many stores do not have countertop electric supply and as part of our own sustainability initiative we have moved away from using disposable batteries. The lightweight movable display can be re-charged whilst not in use and will stay illuminated throughout the trading day. 

Post launch the unit also needed to be able to be easily updatable to switch to a display, showcasing the Benefit Cosmetics family of Mascaras. The reality is that this display can also be adapted in the future with update kits meaning it is built for longevity as can change

for future mascara launches or could be used for other product categories. 

Benefit CTU Product Detail-min.jpg
Benefit CTU Top Detail.jpg


An attention-grabbing display unit to showcase Boompods’ latest innovation: a waterproof and shockproof Bluetooth speaker.

Boompods Display Main Image.jpg
Asset 70_4x.png

Winner of Silver in
"Short Run - Permanent Display"!

The Challenge:

The display had to work hard to demonstrate the Aquapod’s compact size, tough construction, rubber bumper and IPX7 waterproof rating – which means it can be fully immersed in water. We also had to convey that, despite its pocket-sized dimensions, the Aquapod still packed a 70db punch with crystal-clear sound quality.

Our Solution:

Rather than sticking to the standard approach of a product on display for consumers to listen to and interact with, we went for something unexpected. Our display used a shower that continuously covered the product in water as it played – a new concept in the consumer electronics arena and the speaker market in particular.​

The display created a realistic shower environment by encapsulating the product in a cylindrical display to mirror acoustics. It allowed consumers to connect their device via Bluetooth and listen to their own music while the device was being ‘showered’ on. This demonstrated the impressive 70db volume and crystal-clear sound quality.​

An interchangeable graphic set behind the three speakers was used to convey the main features and benefits, including the 4.0 Bluetooth technology and high-spec IC chipset, Lithium battery pack, integrated mic and controls, playback and charge times and accessory pack.​
Lifestyle images were used to reinforce the overall USP that the product could be used anywhere and everywhere, from a bike ride to your morning shower, without missing calls or skipping tracks. The display was used as the below-the-line showcase piece as part of a global online marketing campaign launched at CES in Las Vegas. As well as driving sales unit was used to introduce the product to new retailers and prospective stockists on a global level.

Boompods Counter Top Unit 3.jpg
Boompods Counter Top Unit 2.jpg

Nordic Spirit

A selection of countertop display units, agile and flexible to suit all retail environments. 

Asset 70_4x.png

Winner of Silver in
"Entertainment & Leisure"!

The Challenge:

JTI required a Nordic Spirit Illuminated Back bar countertop units for smaller footprint bars and retailers, the displays could not compromise on aesthetics or functionality and needed to deliver maximum impact where space was an issue. Each display variant incorporates a product push-feed to ensure visibility and is lockable for security. 

Our Solution:

We created quality display concepts that boost brand profile, develop engagement, and strengthen key messaging in a bar environment. This is meant that space and versatility were key considerations. Achieving a strong brand destination, the display units create an impactful environment that encouraged customer engagement. 

The agile and adaptable designs can work horizontally and vertically to suit all retail environments. A push feed system allowed for products to always be at the forefront of the unit. With product branding on stock push feeds, the display continued to provide clear brand recognition whilst waiting to be replenished. The units incorporated an end-of-life recycling QR code to ensure that at product end-of-life retail staff know how to correctly dispose of the unit into the correct recycling waste stream. 

“An inviting impressive display, that effectively considered our environmental restraints and reflected our budget. It represented our brand identity taking into consideration our brand colours and our distinctive identifiable brand shape. We were particularly impressed that the in-store execution was exactly what we had seen in the visuals initially presented.”
JTI Nordic Spirit

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