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Boompods Aquapod Display

The counter-top display was designed to showcase Boompods’ ultimate go-anywhere speaker, Aquapod, across a variety of showcase retail outlets.


Winner of the silver award in it's category!

The main objective was to create an attention-grabbing display unit to showcase Boompods’ latest innovation: a waterproof and shockproof Bluetooth speaker that allows users to listen to music anywhere and everywhere.

The display had to work hard to demonstrate the Aquapod’s compact size, tough construction, rubber bumper and IPX7 waterproof rating – which means it can be fully immersed in water. We also had to convey that, despite its pocket-sized dimensions, the Aquapod still packed a 70db punch with crystal-clear sound quality – the result of the latest Bluetooth technology and high-spec electrical components.

Clear messaging was needed to list additional features, such as the integrated Lithium

re-chargeable battery pack, five-hour playback and rapid two-hour charge time.


Most importantly, we needed to communicate the product’s USP – being fully waterproof and shockproof it lets you take and use it anywhere you go, with an accessory pack to mount it on your bike or stick it to a shower wall. The display needed to demonstrate that users would never miss a call or skip tracks again due to an integrated mic plus volume and skip buttons.

Intel Gaming Riser

Premium gaming laptop on shelf display


a display that highlights a gaming laptop device on retailer shelves in clamshell mode.

The unit accommodates gaming laptop devices of all sizes (from 13-17 inch screen size) and utilise enhancements (e.g. LED lighting) to create stand-out from other laptops on shelf (e.g. non-gaming laptops or gaming laptops not containing an Intel processor).

Key attributes to this  unit are as follows:

  1. includes messaging to convey the USPs that an Intel processor provides to gaming laptops.

  2. the unit can be localised from a messaging perspective ‘on demand’ in up to 18 European languages on shelf when new messaging is available.

  3. the unit can be easily and cost-effectively transported either direct to store or to countries’ distribution hub & is easy to deploy in store.

  4. consideration was given to accommodate a range of device security methods (as retailers will often provide their own) and a limited number of power sockets on shelf.

Unilever Toni & Guy

top shelf tray solution

Unilever were looking for a top shelf tray solution to fit on Boots fixture for an exclusive launch with them in 2018.

The unit needed to display the smaller than average products in a way that was very eye-catching, taking inspiration from other male grooming ranges and beard brands but also making sure it had real standout vs. their competitors


"The unit needed to display the smaller than average products in a way that was

very eye-catching"

We looked at options for materials and finishes as a point of difference.

This was  a new entry to the male grooming facial hair category, and needed space on the shelf strips to clearly call out product using good use of colours which helped make the range really stand out.

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