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Exterion Media
London Underground Advertising Displays

Large Format 16, 48 & 96 Sheet Media Panels


Low maintenance and highly commended

by the poster installers.

Exterion required a cross track advertising display system to replace the traditional ‘wet posting’ methods that were proving costly and inefficient.

arken developed a revolutionary self-adhesive poster display system that enabled Dry Posting and included a new and unique curved frame that was flexible to meet every individual radius of tunnel.

The system that allowed posters to be peeled off and replaced simply, eliminating ‘poster build up’ and making removal and disposal straightforward and cost effective. The overall advertising appearance was enhanced immensely throughout the Underground.


In summary, the project was a resounding success for both the Media Company and London Underground. It proved a durable solution,

with low maintenance and was highly commended by the poster installers.
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