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Welcome to the arken Recycling Code. 


aRC utilises QR technology to enable access to details on our retail display components, to enable the sustainable management of permanent and semi-permanent display. aRC creates an easy and accessible way to help retailers improve recycling of permanent and semi-permanent displays at their end of life in-store.


Retail displays designed and  manufactured by arken feature a unique QR code, providing digital sustainability identities that store teams can scan to make informed recycling decisions, simply and quickly. 


aRC further cements our position at the forefront of sustainability best practice within the retail display sector, our innovative initiative is aimed at reducing the time is takes for correctly identifying individual components of retail displays for recycling.


While there is tremendous interest amongst retailers and brands for improving sustainability during the design and manufacturing of retail displays, recycling displays at their end of life in-store isn’t as easy as it could be for store teams who want to do the right thing but are, ultimately, time-pressed. 


Accurately verifying the materials and components used to make a retail display unit is an important enabler to effective recycling at the end of the display’s life in-store and giving store teams a quick and easy method of accessing vital information, in a way that’s mobile friendly, can only help.


The initiative, developed by our dedicated Sustainability Leadership Team, has already been trialled on units manufactured for several of our clients, including beauty and consumer electronics brands. 


Tracy Scutt, Managing Director arken P-O-P International

“We recognised early on that the success of recycling retail displays rests of the ability of store teams to correctly identify component parts and how they should be recycled. As with any aspect of encouraging recycling, you must make it easy for people to make the right choices. The aRC recycling code provides a powerful tool for retailers and brands to improve sustainability practices and is another important step to moving the retail display industry toward circularity.

All at arken are committed to driving lasting change when it comes to sustainability. We recognise that working towards a more sustainable future will always be a journey. However, as our team has once again demonstrated, we are committed to finding and investing in relevant solutions that will deliver positive impact for our business, our clients, and the planet.”


Please get in touch HERE to discuss the aRC recycling code and the wider arken sustainability initiative

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