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Another successful year for arken at the 2020 POPAI awards.

We are extremely proud to have been named winners in multiple categories at the 2020 POPAI awards! 



Signage & Display of the Year

Our solution lay in the collaborative approach between our creative design team and our Engineering/Development teams, along with the London Underground.  This was essential on such a technical project to ensure the strict safety regulations are met, whilst not compromising the premium appearance. The blue-sky approach of all teams resulted in a modular solution that could cover the whole cross trackside wall of a tube station and provided a premium look and feel. The Media Wall can accommodate printed dry posted media or act as a canvas for digital projection and can be utilised in any tunnel regardless of substrates or dimensions. Accommodating the variations in dimensions of these Victorian built tunnels was critical to the project’s success and crucial to both passenger and staff safety and it was essential that tunnel measurements were 100% accurate. We used “Bogeys” (robotic laser scanners that scan the whole tunnel) to travel along the track to measure the curvature of the tunnel and to report any inconsistencies in surface structure. This data was then translated by our Development and Engineering teams who produced a Bespoke Media Wall solution for every platform tunnel in the station. 


Shopper Marketing Campaigns


We created a cross channel campaign centred around the product packaging and the brand Halloween “Get the Look”. The imagery created a theatrical shopping experience to discover the exclusive Halloween products whether in-store, online, via social media and all design mirrored in the products themselves. Creating Revolution Halloween destinations online and in real life. The online elements of the campaign were targeted towards revolution website customers, Superdrug online customers, Revolution Beauty 2.6 million followers on Instagram, Superdrug Instagram 916.3k followers, Revolution YouTube 176k followers and a tailored selection of influencers and their reach. The instore execution covered the whole of the UK throughout the 800 store Superdrug estate and even spanned to international stores. The experience was consistent across all platforms as we took inspiration from the product design and packaging meaning that the brand Halloween product was recognisable across any platforms and around the globe. 



Consumer Electronics

The display is utilised across the world providing a solution for over 19 different languages, we manufactured these units in a two-step production process to ensure that the correct graphics were supplied for different territory call offs. The display itself creates a premium display for the AIO product with clear instructive communication on the powerful Intel capabilities within the PC. The riser is displayed in Intel branded colours with LED lighting to ensure this high value powerful computer stands out in the aisle. The visibility of the riser encourages trial of the PC and the clear graphics clearly convey the PCs extensive capabilities; this clarity was essential as the AIO is aimed at expert computer users. Our creative team provided this agile solution so the riser could be used with any product through updating the graphics – ensuring a sustainable cost-effective approach was provides. 


Window Displays


Our creative team wanted to convey the fun and playful energy that the Benefit brand is synonymous with, we developed a design that not only disrupted but also delighted customers on Oxford Street by creating an impactful window display. Our design team created a fun and vibrant party atmosphere in the window whilst using numerous examples of model imagery to show the practical application of the product. We successfully provided a delightful window display that united online and In Real Life experience of the product launch for the customer. As the display was modular the various components of the window display could be reused in store in the benefit shop in shop and at events providing an innovative sustainable approach for the window display category. Feedback from John Lewis was that this was a fabulous and fun approach to window dressing in their store. It showcased the launch in John Lewis and drove awareness and footfall to the Benefit shop in shop in store.


Holler and Glow

Temporary Display

The Holler and Glow products are targeted at the GenZ/Millennial consumer with their fun empowering and most importantly, instagramable packaging.  What a better way to target this customer in Superdrug stores than with a ‘shelfie’ inspired FSDU complete with bathroom tiles and a steamed-up mirror. Our creative and development teams came up with a display solution that not only replicated the ‘in bathroom’ experience but a structural solution that could house the varying bath and body product types such as masks and bath bombs. Inspired by stores such as Lush, this unit allowed for the easy and free shopping of the multipurpose indulgent bathing products whilst providing clear brand messaging and a relevant in store experience for the targeted customer, mirroring the online experience of Holler and Glow. 


Permanent Display


We wanted the unit to look different to the other brands in-store, so we utilised a unique mix of materials and colours to really made it pop - i.e the rose gold layered logo. We pushed the boundaries and designed a full 360 unit taller than usual with a hero promotional area. The unit was designed to be functional and highly flexible, providing 3 sides of stock fill and easy shopability to customers, with one full side designated to branding for maximum in store presence. The design increased the store stock fill by 273% providing space to launch new products and increasing brand presence and awareness. The design tied in with product design and online branding - utilising rose gold and white colourways, a clear brand logo and images of Drew Barrymore herself, to ensure the brand experience in store resonated with her fans and followers. 



Short Run Permanent Display

The design provided a fixed focal point display solution for the beauty brand to dress with additional props, lighting and graphic solutions. With customers often making many repeat visits to the stands, it is important for Benefit to be able to continually reinvent the space to deliver and celebrate newness in a way that’s easily adaptable, cost effective and sustainable– supporting multiple product launches throughout the year. In addition to providing a plinth fixture to hero SKUs or supporting props, the unit offers a built-in storage solution for stockholding. The display could easily be updated by simply redressing the themed cladding providing a sustainable updatable approach to in store theatre, to delight customers whilst informing them of new product launches and promotional campaigns. At end of life all cladding can be recycled, and props and lighting were used for other projects such as Benefit press events and other fixture in store.  Our client couldn’t share SKU sales, but they have shared that new product launches, from this display generated +35% to +45% more sales than other display solutions.

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